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DesignCo Office / TOD Innovations Pvt. Ltd.

DesignCo is an Indian company with a global outreach; they manufacture and export small scale premium quality wooden products from their wood processing unit sitting leisurely on 6 acres lush green site situated in the northern region of the country. While designing the interiors of the administrative block at this wood processing unit, TOD design studio chooses a rather bold and refreshing approach, with juxtaposition of robust industrial elements with soft colors and high quality finished surfaces, enhancing the positivity that the natural light flooding the 15’ high interior space from the huge window openings on two sides brings intothe office space.

About the project
DesignCo Office / TOD Innovations Pvt. Ltd.
DesignCo Office / TOD Innovations Pvt. Ltd.

A direct contrast from the industrial set up outside the space, the interiors play with a sophisticated use of wooden finishes, pastel color tones, and a strategic use of infographics on the vertical surfaces. The choice of cool tones of color on wall reflects the natural light while the minimal use of red in the furniture pieces creates depth and definition.

A use of fluted glass partitions framed with metal sections separate various office functions while enabling a comprehensive open plan feeling, this provides the required privacy and only reveals the color tones from beyond. In addition to the use of metal frame partitions with green planters and design accessories the ceiling and the floor surfaces further this playful language of design in an office space.

A use of straight lines in zigzag and crisscross for the ceiling suspended light opposite to the slant checkered flooring in subtle colors presents a backdrop for the focus to remain on the furniture and vertical surfaces.

The graphics are representation of the various processes taking place to transform raw wood into a finished product at the site. Creating a visual narrative of processes and work ethics of the company on the walls is the intention here.

These graphics are frames with a use of molding frames from the classical British design language against a space with entirely contemporary look and feel. All furniture pieces designed for comfort and high performance working environment, bright colors with natural oak wood brings warmth.

It’s a site appropriate intervention that is intended to impact the efficiency of the users. A successful translation of the client’s brief into physical form and integration of thecompany’s products and process into the design narrative.

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