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Habitat 42/ Studio Aspire

A residence for an opulent family with deep roots in business development has been envisioned to have a multifaceted personality. Sitting on a sprawling 21000 sq. meters of land with a built footprint of 2500 sq. meters it has been conceptualized as a series of spatial linkages bound by landscape. Inked in the name of ‘Habitat 42’ it defines and acknowledges the user’s requirements.

About the project
Habitat 42
Project Location:
Gross Built Area
15,000 sq.ft +
Completion Year:
Habitat 42 plan

The landscape design weaves together a few basic parameters: circulation, spatial typology, ambient elements, functionality, art, and floral intensity.

Lily pool

Adding an aesthetic layer to the functional and usable spaces, a connection is established with the built space. The design has a contemporary imprint and tries to maintain a high aesthetic note. With a focus on natural resource conservation and regional feasibility, the design incorporates features like a rain garden reservoir to conserve rainwater and contribute to an efficient water recharge system.

The plantation scheme includes trees and plants which are hardy and water intelligent. In a nutshell, it is a holistic project with a strong visual intent.

Project Gallery​

Uncover the brilliance behind the designs, click here to learn more about the architect/ designer.

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