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Irena Apartments / Daisaria Associates

Situated majestically in the heart of the coveted Ghatkopar district, Irena stands as an awe inspiring testament to architectural brilliance and avant-garde design. The planning of the luxurious 4BHK apartment at Irena is a testament to opulence and functionality spanning entire floor with core at rear side of the site.

About the project
Irena Apartments designs of india
Project Location:
Gross Built Area
15,000 sq.ft +
Completion Year:

 One of the standout features of this lavish apartment is the long balconies that gracefully protrude and become an integral part of the building`s frontage, facing the road. With its towering presence spanning an impressive Eight storeys, Irena emerges as a beacon of elegance and grandeur.

A triumph of new-age construction techniques seamlessly intertwined with captivating aesthetics, Irena`s slanted beams and gracefully curved balconies mesmerize the beholder from the first glance. The construction process of Irena`s curve balcony profile is an extraordinary display of engineering marvel and artistic finesse. To bring the vision of the curve balcony profileto life, a revolutionary technique known as curve formwork is employed. This groundbreaking approach defies conventional construction norms, pushing the boundaries of what was previously deemed possible.

The elevational concept assumes the form of an abstract crown, adorning the pinnacle of this architectural marvel and conferring verticality upon a structure that defies expectations.

The facade of Irena is an ethereal symphony of subtlety and allure. Its ingenious take on neutral hues bathes the building in an air of sophistication, harmonizing effortlessly with its surroundings. Standing tall amidst its counterparts, the building`s façade exhibits a spirited playfulness that enlivens the entire neighborhood.

Luxury knows no bounds within Irena`s meticulously planned interiors. Each floor boasts a single 4BHK apartment, exuding an aura of extravagance and sophistication. The strategic layout maximizes ventilation and ensures an uninterrupted flow from the spacious balconies that grace every corner of the residence, providing an unparalleled sanctuary of tranquility.

Transforming the outer shell into a mesmerizing tapestry of fluted panels, Irena emphasizes elongated balconies with delicately curved edges reminiscent of artful fluted designs. This distinctive feature serves as a testament to the building`s structural prowess, an architectural highlight that leaves visitors in awe.

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