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Manoash villa / Rodstudio

Manoash villa in Punjab is a luxurious 4-bedroom villa that exudes elegance through its carefully curated interior design. Embracing a monochromatic theme with a nude color palette, this project aims to create a sophisticated and timeless ambiance.

About the project
Manoash villa /Rodstudio (Designs of India DOI )
Project Location:
Gross Built Area
15,000 sq.ft +
Completion Year:
Living area view 1

In the living room, plush furnishings complement the neutral palette, offering both comfort and a touch of opulence. Elegant statement pieces and tasteful accessories add a sense of luxury to the space without overpowering the overall design.

Kitchen design ideas

The kitchen follows the monochromatic theme with sleek cabinetry in muted tones, accented by contemporary metallic finishes. Integrated appliances and ample storage ensure functionality while maintaining a clean and modern aesthetic.

Master Bedroom manoash villa rodstudio

Each bedroom is uniquely styled, yet all maintain the essence of the monochromatic theme. The master bedroom boasts a luxurious and cozy atmosphere, with sumptuous fabrics, soft lighting, and subtle textures. The other bedrooms follow suit, offering comfort and sophistication to cater to various tastes.

Throughout the villa, carefully selected artworks and decorative elements act as focal points, adding personality and character to the spaces. The monochromatic theme allows these pieces to shine and effortlessly tie the design together.

Master room bathroom view 1

In the bathrooms, marble and porcelain tiles in neutral shades create a spa-like feel, providing a serene and relaxing space for residents to enjoy their daily routines.

Manoashvilla’s monochromatic theme is not only aesthetically pleasing but also serves as a canvas for individual style and creativity. It provides a harmonious backdrop for any future decor changes or updates, ensuring the interior remains timeless and adaptable to evolving trends.

Project Gallery​

Uncover the brilliance behind the designs, click here to learn more about the architect/ designer.

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