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We are excited to share that we were part of this thrilling networking opportunity for architects, students, and various other professionals. Looking at the option through the lens of a social media partner promoting numerous brands, taking feedback from the visitors, and promoting materials and technologies.

FOAID - Delhi Edition 2022

The occasion to celebrate innovation and design. It has been a great experience to provide exposure in terms of design, architecture, and construction.

ACETECH - Delhi Edition 2022

We developed a chain of resources through interaction with various stakeholders in the design and construction fraternity.

IDAC - Mumbai Edition 2023

The exposure to such a wide range of professionals has been a heartthrob experience for us!

FOAID - Mumbai Edition 2023

Meeting various professionals and students has been an exciting experience for us!

WADE ASIA - Delhi Edition 2023

The immersion in the diverse expertise of accomplished women has been a source of inspiration for us at this event!

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