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Universal Quartz Mfg./ Studio Aspire

“Creating landscape paradigm in an industrial realm.”

The project being an industrial campus, it had a rugged and monochromatic fabric. Its landscape design is an attempt to add a functional and aesthetic dimension to its outdoor spaces.

The landscape design evolved around parameters like patterns, spatial usage, contemporary design language, and an elaborate form-oriented design.

About the project

Universal Quartz Mfg./ Studio Aspire

Project Location:
Gross Built Area
15,000 sq.ft +
Completion Year:
Universal Quartz Mfg./ Studio Aspire

The design consists of an elaborate entrance feature with a unique entrance and exit structure (for large transport vehicles), thoughtfully designed open spaces to create an outdoor ambiance, usable open spaces for the staff, and an elaborate seating space for joint meetings, staff gatherings, etc.

Tree island

The design elements like boundary buffer plantation and earth mounds to screen off the highway sound and dust add a functional texture to it. The landscape of the overall campus makes a bold statement altogether, a signature industrial campus with contemporary and a futuristic vision.

Project Gallery​

Uncover the brilliance behind the designs, click here to learn more about the architect/ designer.

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