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Enhance, Envisage, Enlighten

The Architecture Tract is a unique platform that reflects the creativity of Architects and Designers. We are a family of enthusiastic individuals collaborating to interact with people from all walks of life with different perspectives.

Our vision

This heartening journey began with a distinct platform providing space to explore creativity. We are a platform and a one-stop solution for architecture students and professionals from the design fraternity.

  • Experts from diverse fields enrich the audience.
  • Collaborating with several brands and exploring events.
  • Enhancing knowledge through our courses.
  • Thought-provoking and informative talk shows and interviews.
  • Bridging the gap between the design community and aspiring students.
  • Envisaging opportunities through the job offerings.
  • Embracing diversity within the design community is our GOAL.
Looking forward to hearing more from you!

Celebrating Architecture

Working together with different platforms to encourage sharing of knowledge.

Comprehensive Support
to Students

Providing students, young architects, and designers an open platform to develop their ideas.

Connecting a
Diverse Community

Inspiring thoughts through various events, interviews, and collaborations.

Our Founders

Ar. Bhawna Dawra

Ar.Bhawna Dawra

Bhawna is an enthusiastic architectural professional and social media content creator who is passionate about nature and the outdoors. She showcases her love for sustainable design through her creative work as a landscape professional.

As a content creator, she actively engages with architecture students, providing valuable insights and guidance. She encourages interactions and conversations about various design-related topics, fostering a learning environment. Bhawna believes in collaboration and knowledge exchange, creating a supportive community for students to learn from each other. She participates in workshops and seminars, sharing her expertise and mentoring aspiring architects. Her goal is to inspire the next generation of design professionals and make a positive impact in the field of architecture.

Ar.Manan Hans

Manan is a highly skilled professional in design, 3D visualization, and photography. With expertise in architecture, interior design, and social media content creation, he excels in creating captivating visuals for platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube.

As a versatile creative specialist, he effortlessly handles diverse projects, offering valuable expertise to any team he joins. His vision has been instrumental in guiding Architecture Tract throughout, and his influence will continue to shape its future. With an eye for detail and a knack for creativity, Manan consistently delivers stunning designs and engaging content that captivate audiences. His passion for his craft and dedication to staying updated with the latest industry trends make him a trusted professional in the field.

Ar. Manan Hans

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Manan hans & Bhawna Dawra

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